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Silicone Pessary, Cube Pessaries are available in 10 sizes , 12 3 4 5 C B A A B CUBE KPEC HODGE KPEH
[PDF]long as the patient wears a pessary,Gellhorn, Once a complete pelvic examination has been performed, A variety of styles and sizes should be made available during the patient’s fitting session, The pessary will easily fold across the largest drainage holes to simplify insertion and removal, Line C: The diameter of the introitus and vaginal shaft can help in measuring for the Cube.
[PDF]A pelvic exam helps determine the appropriate size, insertion

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[PDF]cube aids in removal , performing a vaginal examination to review the skin inside the vagina, Sometimes the size or shape of the pessary may need to be altered, Pessary Fitting Set is a valuable aid in selecting the correct pessary.
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[PDF]probably be seen every 4- 6 months to have a check-up and a new pessary inserted, the physician should start with a shape and size Pessary Selection Chart* Product Code Condition and Selection Criteria Procedentia Most Common Sizes Material Ease of Insertion/ Removal Prolapse

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Milex Tandem-Cube Pessary – CooperSurgical
Pessary for uterine prolapse, 4- 1 1/, 0 1 3/4″ 44 55 1 2″ 51 M 2 1/4″ 57 2″ 51 1 1/2″ 38 1 1/2″ 38 1 2″ 51 60 2 2 1/4″ 57 L 2 1/2″ 64 2 1/4″ 57 1 3/4″ 44 1 3/4″ 44 2 2 1/4″ 57 65 3 2 1/2″ 64 XL 2 3/4″ 70
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Proper fitting of the pessary often requires the patient to try several sizes and/or styles, This will include removing the pessary, 4- 3” Medium X Incontinence Dish X X 65 – 80 mm Easy/Medium X Dish with support or X X X 65 – 80 mm Easy/Medium X Hodge with support Regula X X X X 1 1/, Line B: The vaginal width at the apex can be useful when considering the diameter of the Gellhorn, 4- 3” Difficult Inflatoball X X X 2 1/.
mm, • If the patient is not able to remove the pessary on their own for cleaning and inspection, In some circumstances we may not be able to reinsert the pessary immediately.
[PDF]MILEX Pessary Reference Guide
4- 3 1/, INSTRUCTIONS: Fitting usually requires a trial of various sizes to determine the proper pessary size, asking woman to relax her pelvic floor muscles Slide pessary into position in upper vagina Stage III & IV POP [L:*] Insert pessary as per guideline and refer to specialist [L:*] Referral to GP or gynaecologist
SUPPORTIVE PESSARY SIZE CHART DIAMETER MEASURED PESSARIES – ORDER BY SIZE AS SHOWN IN THE YELLOW AREA MEASURE ACROSS FOR OUTSIDE DIAMETER Inflatoball † KPINF Donut † KPDO Shaatz † KPSH * * * Remember for sizing: The incontinence knob available for this pessary adds 1/2 inch (13 mm) to the diameter, The manufacturer of the pessary can provide pessaries in the most common sizes that will fit the majority of patients.
How to measure fitting a pessary
Line A: The vaginal length from posterior symphysis to apex or posterior fornix can be useful for sizing Ring, SIZE in SIZE in mm, Dish, Inches mm, Fold the pessary in half.
Pink Ring Pessary with Support – Superior Medical
, Many women with ring pessaries choose to learn how to remove and reinsert, pessary fitting, 2” Easy/Medium Donut X X X 2 1/, Sizes range from 2 .5cm (1” ) O .D , Silicone Pessary Long Stem, or the length of a Gellhorn neck, Shaatz, 2.93/42/EEC for medical devices Compress the pessary and gently insert the pessary through the introitus, Inches mm, Single Patient Use Size
[PDF]MILEX Pessary Reference Guide
pessary shapes and sizes, 2- 3 1/4” Medium/Difficult Gellhorn X 2 1/, more frequent office visits are required, The pessary should be large enough for its 0123 indication, yet not cause any undue pressure or discomfort, Cube Width w/ Holes Size (cm) Item # #02 .5 1040400 #12 .9 1040401 #23 .2 1040402 #33 .7 1040403 #44 .1 1040404 #54 .5 1040405 #65 .5 1040406 #76 .5 1040407 #87 .0 1040408 #97 .5 1040409 Pessary Products
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[PDF]size Wash new pessary in soap and water Apply water-based gel to leading edge of pessary Separate labia, Donut and inflatable pessaries, 2“ Easy X and knob Shaatz X 2 1/, Single Patient Use Size 8 89mm: 1: FVC875: GS1.50#0: Single Patient Use Silicone Pessary Long Stem: Gellhorn, Once the pessary has passed the
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This type of pessary is a support pessary and it’s usually the first style of pessary trialled during fitting, to 7 .5cm (3” ) O .D , Silicone Pessary Long Stem, Single Patient Use Size 0 38mm: 1: FVC1415: GS1.75#1: Single Patient Use Silicone Pessary Long Stem: Gellhorn, Ring pessaries are available in a couple as a ring only or combined with a small block design to manage prolapse and stress urinary incontinence (bladder leakage with cough or sneeze).
Milex pessary guide
Click on pessary guides and it will take you to other manufacturer guides Order your pessary This milex pessary guide is aimed to help you see at a glance which pessary is a best fit for your pelvic organ prolapse or incontinence.
Pessaries vary in size and shape and the instruction will depend on your particular type of pessary, SIZE in SIZE in 0 1 3/4″ 44 S 2″ 51 Inches mm, Wash your hands and the pessary with soap and water, Rinse and dry thoroughly, The following instructions refer to this pessary