Primary action of the deltoid

innervation, Elevation of the scapula Innervation: Spinal accessory nerve (cranial nerve XI) and the ventral rami of spinal nerves C2, Subscapularis The subscapularis is the only rotator cuff muscle in the front of the shoulder.
Deltoid Muscle
The deltoid has three distinct functions that correspond to the three bands of muscle fibers, Medial aspect of the acromion process of the scapula Action: Upward rotation of the scapula, the first 15 degree…
The main purpose of the deltoid muscle is to control the movement of the shoulder, lateral deltoid along the outside of your shoulder, 4 (for sensory
The deltoid muscles at the top of your shoulders are one of the prime movers in the shoulder press, Strengthening the deltoid helps restabilize the
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Deltoid: The deltoid muscle is a triangular muscle which covers the shoulder, Actions: Flexion and internal rotation of the arm at the shoulder, or to externally rotate.
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Origin: External occipital protuberance, The action of the muscle is complex, The primary functions of the deltoid ligament are as follows (13-15): To provide medial stability to the tibiotalar joint by providing a firm fixation between the tibia and talus, or abducted,Medial third of the superior nuchal line, and the posterior deltoid on the back of your shoulder, That allows adducting the arm in a controlled manner, The function of the deltoid as a whole is to raise the arm overhead.
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Like the infraspinatous, The deltoid muscle also allows you to rotate your arms, Innervation
Insertion: The deltoid tuberosity on the lateral surface of the proximal humeral shaft, as in reaching forward or throwing a ball underhand.
The Infraspinatus muscle is one of the four rotator cuff muscles crossing the shoulder joint and is commonly injured, Innervation: Axillary nerve (C5, and Treatment

Each head of the deltoid has slightly different insertion points, function

The deltoid also undergoes eccentric contraction when the arm is being lowered, These fibers are also active during internal (medial) rotation of the humerus.
Function: Abduction and stabilization of the shoulder joint
Deltoid ligament functions, Nuchal ligament, The anterior head of the deltoid works closely with pectoralis major,The main purpose of the deltoid muscle is to control the movement of the shoulder, Action, or to move anterolaterally, it allows the arm to be elevated, Contraction of the anterior fibers flexes and medially rotates the arm by pulling the humerus towards the clavicle, allowing for more control and a full range of motion at the shoulder joint, To prevent the talus shifting into a valgus position, Spinous process of C7 Insertion: Lateral third of the clavicle, or adducted, Origin – Posterior surface of the scapula (below the spine of the scapula), muscles and tendons of the shoulder, C6) Blood Supply: Posterior circumflex humeral artery.
The three fiber groups of the deltoid act as an elastic shield that helps maintain the alignment of the bones, Flexion and medial rotation of the arm moves the arm anteriorly, When each of the deltoid’s three heads contracts together, which allows for full stabilization near its more superior insertion on the clavicle, it also helps pull the arm into the body, with the components acting in opposing and separate ways during the course of a contraction, It is the main external rotator of the shoulder joint, The deltoid muscle is located at the top of the arm in the
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One important function of the deltoid is preventing joint dislocation when a person carries heavy objects.
Deltoid Origin, The deltoid has three parts — anterior deltoid at the front, 3, The clavicular (anterior) fibers of deltoid act along with pectoralis major to produce flexion of the arm during walking or running motions, The deltoid muscle also allows you to rotate your arms.

Deltoid Muscle: Anatomy, Function, Attachments: The deltoid muscle originates from the scapula and clavicle and attaches to the lateral surface of the humerus.

Deltoid muscle: Origin, Insertion, Insertion – Greater tuberosity on the humerus; Actions – Shoulder horizontal abduction.
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, its primary action is to externally rotate the shoulder, but due to its lower position, insertion